Buddha’s Birthday! John Tarrant Teaching in Santa Rosa


Monday April 7, 2014 - 7- 9pm
Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center

April 8 is the day that Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated. So this evening is the eve of this happy day. The infant Buddha touched the ground and spoke:

“Above the heavens, Below the heavens, only I, alone and sacred”

This is true for each of us, we have this one life. And the life we’re living is the only gate we have. When we understand this, how does it change us? It’s a good thing to find out that the gate is right here and it’s just a matter of looking toward it. Our life was never the wrong one. Come join us Monday night for meditation, teaching, conversation. And a celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday!

There really is a path we find ourselves walking where our hearts go out to others

This is a talk with PZI director and author John Tarrant, Roshi, author of Bring Me the Rhinoceros and other Zen Koans to Save Your Life. There will be meditation, tea, a talk and conversation. All are welcome.


Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center Location:

825 Sonoma Avenue, Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4746
Call 707.544.0540

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