There is No Future, Really

The morning after an unaccustomed shock brings thoughts about how much I really know about the future, and curiosity about …

Star Trails, Lincoln Harrison

Who Am I? Am I the Wind and the Stars?

A Zen Meditation Retreat
with John Tarrant and friends
January 16 – 22, 2017
Santa Sabina, San Rafael, CA
Time stops and the peace …


The Amazing Life of the Buddha

A retreat with John Tarrant at Rockridge Meditation Community Friday-Saturday, December 9th and 10th Preparing for the Holidays and the …

Ahkmatova by Altman

How To Welcome the End of the World

What is the best response to difficult and uncertain times? Welcome.
John Tarrant offered 10 Zen pointers on the practice of …


Standing at the Blue Cliff: The Enlightenment Talks

Pacific Zen Institute presents a limited edition DVD offer – scenes from an extraordinary retreat with two Zen masters, and a chance …