Great Autumn Retreat: Stages on the Path through Awakening

with John Tarrant, Roshi and others  October  11-18, Santa Rosa CA

Change is under everything and meditation is a path through …

Song Dong - "Water Chop" (Performance)

Poetry & Koans: John Tarrant in Santa Barbara

Sunday August 10, 2014
A gate into the garden—a one day retreat on poetry, zen, koans, a hand-made life, dealing with …


The World Catches Us Every Time

An article by John Tarrant
Published in the April/May 2014 edition of Shambhala Sun
    Abiding nowhere, the heart comes forth
       - Zen koan
    Distracted …

2014 Save The Date

Seven-Day Retreat Schedule

These retreats include meditation, individual koan work with a teacher, talks, writing, and conversation. The lead teacher will be John …