Toronto Workshops: Solitary Brightness

The Solitary Brightness Series of Koan Workshops consists of five one-day retreats in the Pacific Zen School style. Taken together …

Neandertal - Denisovans

Talking With Ancestors: A Day With John Tarrant in Santa Barbara

Autumn nibbles its leaf right from my hand: we’re friends – Paul Celan


Mayumi Oda: Teaching + Fundraiser

On September 29th, Mayumi Oda will be giving a talk on “Dynamism of Mushin” – daily practice of no mind. …

bird mirror

Great Autumn Retreat: Stages on the Path through Awakening

with John Tarrant, Roshi and others  October  11-18, Santa Rosa CA

Change is under everything and meditation is a path through …


Save the Date: 2015 Retreats

Short or long retreats are a way to take a deep dive, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator. …

Big Book and Blue Cliff

Koans and the 12 Steps

A monthly meditation meeting discovering how 12 Step practice and Koans influence each other.
At Santa Rosa, Every Second Friday of …