The Golden Carp Passes Through The Net

A workshop on Zen and the imagination with John Tarrant in Santa Barbara Sunday, May 17th
There is a path of renunciation in …

Heroine’s Journey with Sieve: All About Life and Death

A new Zenosaurus essay by John Tarrant.
Each day I have schemes, a to-do list, and problems I’m wandering along with, …

Following the Image: Koans and Dreams

A workshop with John Tarrant in Santa Rosa 10:30am to 4pm, Sunday, April 26th
When you meditate and you allow your …

David Kleinert - "Nature's Jewels"

The Net of Jewels: An Open Mind Retreat

June 4-7, 2015Bolinas, California
We are connected with each other and with the other creatures of the world, connected so deeply …


Friendship Koans (And Koans as Friends)

A Meditation Retreat with John Tarrant and friends June 28 – July 4 @ Land of Medicine Buddha, Santa Cruz, …

JT Nalanda_1

John Tarrant’s 2014 Letter

 In the old days there were sixteen Bodhisattvas. When the time came, they all got into the bath together and …