Star Trails, Lincoln Harrison

Who Am I? Am I the Wind and the Stars?

A Zen Meditation Retreat
with John Tarrant and friends
January 16 – 22, 2017
Santa Sabina, San Rafael, CA
Time stops and the peace …


The Amazing Life of the Buddha

A retreat with John Tarrant at Rockridge Meditation Community Friday-Saturday, December 9th and 10th Preparing for the Holidays and the …


On Creativity and Contemplative Practice: An Interview with John Tarrant

Jane Kolleeny of the Garrison Institute recently sat down on film with John Tarrant to discuss the approach to creativity, koans, …


Standing at the Blue Cliff: The Enlightenment Talks

Pacific Zen Institute presents a limited edition DVD offer – scenes from an extraordinary retreat with two Zen masters, and a chance …

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Introducing Uncertainty Club

A magazine of Zen and the arts from the Pacific Zen Institute
Fresh from the Pacific Zen Institute’s long-running project on …