2014 Seven-Day Retreat Schedule

2014 Save The Date

Pacific Zen Institute will offer three seven-day retreats in 2014. The lead teacher will be John Tarrant. These retreats include meditation, individual koan work with a teacher, talks, writing, and conversation. They are held in places where you can take walks outside and have time to absorb and reflect.

July 13-20, 2014
Land of Medicine Buddha, Capitola (Santa Cruz), California

October 11-18, 2014
Angela Center, Santa Rosa, California

Our seven-day retreats allow enough time and silence to go deep into meditation. They begin early in the morning before light each day and run till bedtime, with breaks at mealtimes for participants to walk or write or nap or sometimes do work practice. They rely on the traditional and modern observation that we all get enlightened together, and that our practices hold each other up.

John Tarrant has taught Zen meditation and koans for 30 years and has developed new ways of working that eliminate some of the traditional barriers that people in the west often stumble over. You need no previous experience with koans or even with meditation to participate in Pacific Zen Institute retreats. And you will be equally happy even if you do have experience with meditation and koans.

John is the author of The Light Inside the Dark and Bring Me The Rhinoceros, And Other Koans That Will Save Your Life.

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