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John Tarrant’s 2014 Letter

 In the old days there were sixteen Bodhisattvas. When the time came, they all got into the bath together and realized the cause of water.

They cried out, “This subtle touch reveals the light that is in everything. We have reached the place where the daughters and sons of the Buddha live!”

I / Eye
Winter Long Retreat: The Intimacy of Awakening

with John Tarrant and others
January 17-24, Santa Rosa, CA

     Q: Where are you going?
     A: I don’t know. Not knowing is most intimate.

Imagine a Doorway: Meditation, Creativity, and the Body

January 31, 2015 – February 1, 2015
The Glowing Body Yoga Studio
Knoxville, Tennesseee

Inside every life is a hidden doorway. When you think you’re in a corner, you’ve just forgotten to be curious; you’ve told yourself you know what comes next. Creativity comes from making space, from not knowing, from playing. What if…

Save the Date: 2015 Retreats

Short or long retreats are a way to take a deep dive, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator. Our retreats feature daily meditation, teaching, and conversation; movement and writing sometimes find their way in on a voluntary basis as well.

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