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Meditation for Anyone: An Introduction

6-7pm Monday March 1st, Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center

On the first Monday of each month at the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center there will be a free short introduction to meditation and koans. The class lasts an hour and is a chance to learn how to meditate, how to work with a koan, and to ask questions that may have been accumulating for a long time about what it means to have a spiritual practice and how to do it. 

The class is taught by Rachel Boughton, Sensei and Christopher Lods. 

Each Day Is A Journey, And The Journey Itself Is Home

A Day With John Tarrant
Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ Rockridge Meditation Community

“The true traveler has no destination, and no fixed time of arrival.” —Laozi

David Kleinert - "Nature's Jewels"
The Net of Jewels: An Open Mind Retreat

June 4-7, 2015
Bolinas, California

We are connected with each other and with the other creatures of the world, connected so deeply that in some way we never die and nothing is ever lost.

John Tarrant: Decisions, Decisions

John Tarrant’s March talk at Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center will be broadcast using Livestream. He will speak on the koan “The Great Way is not difficult, if you just don’t pick and choose”

Friendship Koans (And Koans as Friends)

A Meditation Retreat with John Tarrant and friends
June 28 – July 4 @ Land of Medicine Buddha, Santa Cruz, CA

The koan world has a long history of people keeping each other company on a journey.

Ed Callaert
Moments of Transformation

An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant
March 5-8 2015
Bolinas, CA

The first thing about really having your own creative life is not thinking you know what you  are, not thinking what you are already thinking. This comes from making space, from not knowing, from playing.

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