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Courtesy Flickr user Richard Masoner:
The World Is Medicine: A Summer Seven Day Retreat

July 13-20
Santa Cruz County, California
with John Tarrant

This is a meditation retreat nestled between the ocean and hundreds of acres of redwood forest.

2014 Save The Date
2014 Seven-Day Retreat Schedule

Pacific Zen Institute will offer three seven-day retreats in 2014. The lead teacher will be John Tarrant. These retreats include meditation, individual koan work with a teacher, talks, writing, and conversation.

John Tarrant
Gates and Poems: Meditation Workshop with John Tarrant

Santa Rosa, CA April 27, 2014 10:30am – 4:30 pm

Koans are Poetry, Poems are Koans…A meditation retreat and teaching with John Tarrant Roshi.

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Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever

New Zennotes Blog Post: Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen Institute
(Go here for the Zennotes Blog Site)

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